A thriving community at The Glades

First ten years

So much to celebrate

In just ten years The Glades has become Byford’s favourite community. Many families now call it home and there are plenty of facilities and leafy parks that make life that little bit special.

Check out the milestones and growth of this community over the past ten years.

Building a community

Explore The Glades active spaces

Creating a welcoming place to live is about more than building roads and houses – it’s about building a community. Click on the button below to explore everything The Glades has to offer.

Local resident Pia

Describes The Glades community

Part of a great community is also the people who live in them.

Living in an LWP community is pretty special. And this lovely family from The Glades at Byford loves how friendly the people are, how beautiful the open spaces are and best thing of all, they feel like they were 'coming home' the moment they moved in.

We think that is pretty awesome and know you will too.

Can you imagine yourself living at The Glades?

“At LWP the notion of ‘legacy’ is a major driver in our day-to-day performance. All our team understand their obligation to create vibrant, healthy and sustainable communities and feel honoured and excited by the opportunity.

By focusing on our core values of teamwork, integrity and excellence, LWP’s work has been recognised nationally and internationally. In particular, this recognition acknowledges our innovation in housing, community development, urban design and environmental management.

Whilst we are proud of our work so far, the real excitement lies in working together to build on this legacy of achievements.“

Danny Murphy
Managing Director LWP
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