Dog Park

The Glades dog park is moving!

The existing temporary dog park, located on the corner of Banjine Way and Adiantum Avenue will be moving to a permanent location.

The permanent dog park will be located at the future park between Setosa Loop and Tourmaline Boulevard (view permanent dog park plan). Due to earthworks required on the southern end of the future park, a dog park will be temporarily installed in the meantime on the northern end of the park (view temporary dog park plan).

Permanent dog park plan:

Temporary dog park plan:

The dog park relocation will take place in June 2021 over a two-week period.

The permanent dog park is due to be completed by mid-2022.

The permanent dog park will be fenced, turfed, include a separate area for small dogs, and will also include a water fountain, shade, and obstacles.

New park at Banjine Way and Adiantum Avenue

The existing dog park, located at Banjine Way and Adiantum Avenue will be replaced with a feature park in 2021 (view Icaria feature park plan).

The landscaped park will include a feature playground, BBQ, nature play area, half-court, open space, seating, and shade structures. Construction will commence in July 2021 and take up to 4 months to complete.

Icaria feature park plan:

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