Master Plan

A vibrant community in the heart of nature

The Glades at Byford is a master planned estate that is divided into five vibrant residential precincts, all connected to a thriving village centre.

What is a master planned community?

Where a ‘traditional’ neighbourhood grows and evolves as its population does, a master planned community is carefully mapped out from the start.
Purposefully designed for liveability and self-sufficiency, a master planned estate has everything the community needs to live and grow in harmony with the surrounding environment.

A well-connected and sustainable modern village

Every element in The Glades has been considered, from the creation of intimate neighbourhoods within an easy walk of local shops and schools, to the retention of the creek lines and the mature eucalyptus trees that are part of The Glades’ existing landscape. 

“Since 2005, we have set out to develop a self-sufficient, new neighbourhood that would provide a lifestyle where residents could be part of a close knit community and which enabled people to access employment opportunities in the local area.”

Brendan Acott – Managing Director, LWP Group

New parks for The Glades

Albizia Reserve

Albizia Reserve is The Glades' newest park, which opened in November 2021. The park features a BBQ, playground, nature play space, kickabout area, and half court for teens to play.

New dog park

A new dog park is coming to The Glades and is planned for completion in 2022.

New amphitheatre

An additional turfed amphitheatre opened in September 2021 on the corner of Kinsella Avenue and Doley Road, creating more space for community events and concerts. 

New Byford Train Station

The Metronet Byford Extension is planned for construction and will bring a brand new train station to Byford, saving you 12 minutes on your typical commute to the city.

Bringing Perth closer


Construction works to extend the Tonkin Highway an additional 14 kilometres to South Western Highway will be commencing in 2023.

This means, residents living in the southern side of The Glades will be able to enjoy immediate access to Tonkin Highway via Orton Road.

Small-town charm and connectedness

Living in The Glades, you’ll never be shy of company. 

The Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale regularly hosts local community events, and there’s a range of clubs to join and make fast friends. 

From car enthusiasts to fitness fanatics or green thumbs who want to get involved in The Glades’ own community garden, there’s something for everybody!

Discover more amenities

Schools and childcare

Start planning your family’s future. Explore the full range of schools and day care centres located in and around The Glades.

Schools in The Glades
Shopping and dining out

Shop your essentials and grab your favourite fast-food and takeaways at the Lakeside Plaza or enjoy a spot of finer dining in the nearby Serpentine Valley’s restaurants, wineries, and cafés.

Shopping in The Glades
Getting out and about

The CBD, Perth Airport, and other major centres are in easy reach thanks to the nearby Tonkin Highway and Kwinana Freeway, both just minutes away.

Transport in The Glades


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